Well done, Project Engineer!
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Well done, Project Engineer!

In yet another City Spidey impact, Project Engineer AK Sharma delivered on his promise to clean up debris from Sector 71, Noida, this morning.

Well done, Project Engineer!

Residents of Green Avenue, Sector 71, Noida, can now breathe a sigh of relief. 

About ten days back, City Spidey carried a report on the piled-up debris in the sector. It had brought the issue to the notice of Project Engineer (Civil), Circle V, AK Sharma, who had promised to look into this.

And he has kept his word.

This morning, JCB machines and dumpers of Noida Authority pulled up in Sector 71 and cleaned up the debris in four hours flat.

PK Mittal, President of the Green Avenue RWA, thanked City Spidey for raising the issue with Noida Authority.

No thanks needed, Mr Resident. We are here to serve.