This new Dwarka stadium can seat 8,000

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Feb 11, 2017

A mini stadium with seating capacity was inaugurated in Dwarka on February 11. The stadium, which is under South Delhi Municipal Corporation's jurisdiction, is located right in front of the Dwarka Metro station at Kakrola. The stadium is named after the former Chief Minister of Delhi, Saheb Singh Verma. Manoj Tiwari, president of Delhi Pradesh of BJP and MP, inaugurated the stadium. 

According to SDMC officials, the stadium was constructed on a budget of Rs 773.78 lakh amd took 18 months to complete. The stadium has all basic amenities such as player rooms, a referee room, conference halls, shops , canteen, meeting room, ticket counters, one manager room, one waiting hall, one VIP room, one pantry, one meeting room, offices, one exhibition room and two green rooms. There are 26 toilets each for boys and girls and five bathroom for boys and six for girls.

Manoj Tiwari addressed the gathering and encouraged the younger generation to take up sports. He said he was sanguine that such facilities would help in producing more quality sportspersons. He also said that the facility was one among many new stadiums planned for Delhi.  

South Delhi Mayor Shyam Sharma; Leader of the House, SDMC, Subhash Arya; former MLA of Matiala, Rajesh Gehlot; president of Dwarka Progressive Club and resident of Delhi Journalist Association Society, Sector 12, member of management of Jagran Apartments Sector 22 and area councillor, Shashi tomar; social worker and educationist Promila Malik; president of Sahaj Sambhav and a resident of Peepal Apartments Sector 17, Pratima Khandelwal; member of ANHLGT and a resident of Chitrakoot Apartments, Sector 22, Rekha Jhingan; president of Senior Citizen Association Asha Varshney, federation of Dwarka member and a resident of Heritage Tower, Sector 3, Balbir Singh Yadav, were present at the inauguration ceremony.

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