<p>Will Nirman Apartments instal lifts?</p>
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Will Nirman Apartments instal lifts?

MV I Ext: Even as the managing committee seeks residents’ opinion on contributing money for installing lifts, ground-floor residents do not seem to want to play ball. 

<p>Will Nirman Apartments instal lifts?</p>

The managing committee of Nirman Apartments, in Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension, has sought residents’ opinion on installing lifts in the society. 

Residents have been asked to email their views to the society’s email account by February 28. The committee will hold a general body meeting for a detailed discussion on the matter after it receives residents’ opinions.

Senior citizens living on the top floors have been demanding the installation of lifts for the past couple of years. DK Chhatwal, general secretary of the society, said, “After a series of requests, the managing committee has issued a letter to the 240 flat owners to give their opinion on the issue. The financial aspect is important and we will discuss it.”

According to a resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, those residents who have their flats on the ground floor have rejected the proposal. “The society has 31 staircases, and installing lifts that can cater to the whole society requires a huge capital. Ground-floor flat owners do not want to contribute the same amount as those living on other floors. As per the estimated cost of the development, each flat owner will be charged Rs 2.5 lakh. However, the final decision is yet to come,” the resident said.

Earlier, in 1989, when Delhi Development Authority had allotted lands to cooperative housing societies, lifts were permissible only in buildings that had more than four storeys. But under the Master Plan for Delhi 2021, DDA, Delhi municipal corporations and other agencies owning land in the city made the provision to allow lifts in four-storey buildings too.

“The committee has taken the necessary clearance from government authorities. Now it’s all up to the residents,” Chhatwal added.