Women's Day a conspiracy by Hallmark to sell more cards?
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Women's Day a conspiracy by Hallmark to sell more cards?

This and more quirky responses from a few good men on what Women's Day means to them.

Women's Day a conspiracy by Hallmark to sell more cards?

As part of our women's week, we decided to ask what Women's Day meant to five men in the city.

Their responses ranged from thoughtful to quirky to romantic. What a motley crew!

Here's what they had to say:

1. "It's a conspiracy by Hallmark to sell more cards." -Shantanu Kumar Singh

Once asked to describe himself in a word, this techie's terse reply was: "Broke." This Sector 55, Noida, resident is a doting father, a gamer, a news enthusiast and a football freak. And, oh yes, he loves aloo parathas!

2. "One day is not enough. They require a lifetime of love and respect." -Debdutta Sengupta

A filmmaker from Shipra Sun City, Indirapuram, Deb has been guzzling beer since his teenage years, all the while maintaining his "zero figure". He loves films, dogs and honking his harp.

3. "Expenses.-Abhinav Dubey

A financial consultant who stays in Kendriya Vihar, Gurgaon, this dude cycles more than 10 km a day and has the crazy habit of ordering pizza at Haldiram's and looking for chowmein at a dhaba. He loves the Xbox, Linkin Park and watching films. He is never serious.

4. "Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to thank the women in our lives for being the lovely beings they are.- Kaustav Bhattacharya

A musician by profession, this guy is as comfortable with the acoustic guitar as he is with drums, his first love. The biggest fan of the blues musician Howlin Wolf, Kaustav stays in Designer's Park, Sector 62, Noida.

5. "Women's Day is one day every year that I live my life as a woman. It's something!" - Abhishek BK

An entrepreneur, Abhishek takes pride in his quirks. A soulful musician who stays in Sector 31, Gurgaon, he has been sporting a beard since the manly mane was considered "uncool".