Gurgaon: Did monkey catchers fail because THEY ate all the bait?

By Anil Manchanda
Photo: Siwallpaperhd.com
Posted: Feb 17, 2017

Residents of Sector 14, Gurgaon, are exasperated with the municipal corporation's inability to curb the monkey menace in their area.

They have lodged several complaints about the inefficiency of the monkey-catching agency, members of which, instead of laying bananas and groundnuts as bait for the monkeys, consumed it among themselves.

"After the complaints, the monkey catchers did show up but left without doing anything," said Dinesh Aggarwal, president of the RWA. "In fact, the municipal corporation had recruited them just three days ago. They are worthless."

RWA general secretary SK Arora said a complaint had been filed against the agency at the Sector 14 police chowki and the municipal corporation office. "We have demanded stringent action against the agency," said Arora.

Aryan Chaudhary, team head of the monkey catchers, refuted the RWA's allegations, calling them false and baseless. "They want to use our team for their personal political gains," said Chaudhary. "That's why we asked the team to come back."

Municipal Commissioner V Umashankar said, "We will look into the matter and take appropriate action."



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