New Millennium Apts group takes up composting
New Millennium Apts group takes up composting
Akhilesh Pandey
New Millennium Apts group takes up composting
Photo: City Spidey

New Millennium Apts group takes up composting

A group of about 20 to 30 residents from New Millennium Apartments, Sector 23, Dwarka, have been leading the way in management of kitchen waste by composting.

The compost they make is used for plants. The group consists mostly of women, who say the initiative has been successful and that they are also trying to make the society take it up.

Anjali Agrawal, one of the residents from the group, says, “We started this as a pilot project. Now our pits are full of compost. We are trying to convince the management to adopt the process as a green initiative for the whole society.”

The members have even formed a Whatsapp group to share their views on the subject.

Ramanjeet Suri, a member of the group, says, “We are using a technique called aerobic composting, in which micro-organisms convert bio-waste into compost in the presence of oxygen. It’s not rocket science and is fairly easy if you stay committed. Compost can be salvaged or restored from any state by carrying out corrective measures. Whenever you feel like quitting, think about the ragpicker who has to go through your garbage to segregate and dispose of it. Once you manage one cycle of three to four months, it won't seem all that difficult any more.”

Members of the group say the concept was introduced by a resident, Pankaj Gupta, who had arranged a workshop on the process earlier in the society. Gupta told City Spidey, “We chose to adopt the process first at the individual level as an experiment. We spoke to Vinod Kumari and Sunil Pachar, who run EcoLive, a naturopathy-based wellness centre in Gurgaon. What they told us broadened our perspective on composting, and we decided to adopt it as a regular practice.”

“The group that began with 8-10 people now has more than 20. We want to promote the concept and adopt it at the society level as well. As far as solid waste is concerned, we want our society to be able to manage it perfectly,” added Gupta.


A composting pit being used by one of the residents of the group