IP Extension: Residents write to authorities about encroachments

Photo: Praveen Dwivedi
Posted: Feb 18, 2017

Residents of a few cooperative group housing in IP Extension, East Delhi, have written to Delhi Development Authority asking it to check the increasing number of encroachments near the societies.

The residents have also written separate letters to East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and the SHO of the IP Extension police station to draw their attention to the issue.

They say that a road passing between housing societies and a DDA market has been encroached upon. The result is that the single-lane road has turned into a parking area for market visitors and street vendors.

GL Gupta, general secretary of Ajanta Apartments, said, “In the letter, we have made an appeal to DDA, EDMC and Delhi Police to look into the matter. We can’t ask a street vendor or any individual to not stay on the roadside. The market area belongs to DDA while the road comes under the corporation. Only government bodies can remove them. We are yet to get a response from these authorities.”

Residents have also held a discussion with the members of the market association and the shopkeepers of the DDA market. “We have requested the shopkeepers to not park their vehicles on the roadside. We have also brought up the increasing number of antisocial elements in the area and scuffles among drinkers in the market,” said Gupta.

Indra Mohan Singh, a resident of Oriental Enclave, said, “We are not against street vendors but they need to be shifted to market premises. The rear side of the market is a vacant area and they can move there.”

Several years ago, the societies had allowed a couple of street vendors, such as flower, vegetable and fruit sellers, considering ease of access to daily needs. However, the number of street vendors has only increased over the years.

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