Gurgaon’s Salwan Public School rolls back hike
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Gurgaon’s Salwan Public School rolls back hike

After the District Education Officer visited the school, the management decided to withdraw the mid-term fee hike; it also decided to refund the amount for parents who had already paid the sum.

Gurgaon’s Salwan Public School rolls back hike

In the face of the protests led by hundreds of angry parents on February 19 against Salwan Public School’s unjustified mid-term fee hike, the school authorities rolled back its decision.

The parents had protested in front of the office of the District Education Officer (DEO) and also met with the DEO, Neelam Bhandari. She had assured prompt action, and visited the school.  She said, “Acting on the complaints, we went to the school and organised a meeting between the parents and the management. Things have now been sorted out.”

The roll back comes exactly after a month since the parents protested in front of Salwan Public School of Sector 15 on the same issue.

Dinesh Kharb, a parent said, “A regulatory body should be formed to govern the schools so that the management cannot arbitrarily increase the fees without seeking permission or without a justification. These decisions should be taken by keeping parents in loop. We have every right to know why — and for what — we are going to be paying more.”

Principal Sandhya Awasthi said, “The matter has been sorted out amicably between the authorities and the parents.”

Rajkumar Yadav, a parent, added, “For parents who have already paid the hiked fee, the school authorities have decided to refund 5 per cent in this quarter and 9 per cent in the next quarter, which falls within the next academic year.”