Noida residents demand a committee to look after DND Flyway

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Feb 21, 2017

Noida residents on February 21 wrote to Noida Authority CEO Deepak Agarwal, urging him to appoint a committee to maintain the deteriorating DND Flyway.

The Confederation of NCR RWAs (CONRWA) said that since the flyway was used by thousands of commuters from Delhi and Noida, it was imperative that the road be maintained properly. The letter suggested a three-member committee, comprising one member each from Noida Authority, the Delhi government and Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited (NTBPL), be entrusted with the DND's maintenance. PS Jain, president of CONRWA, said the committee would ensure there were no communication gaps among the three parties.

The letter states that though NTBPL, the developer of the direct-flyway, had stopped collecting toll tax following an Allahabad High Court order, they were the ones in charge of the arterial road's maintenance. However, the company had stopped maintaining the flyway soon after the verdict, said Jain. 

He pointed out that trees along the DND needed pruning, as overgrown branches could be seen leaning towards the road at several locations. "Many of the streetlights are non-functional and need to be replaced," he added.

Jain said the police patrolling on the road should be increased. "They should be equipped with cranes to tow away brokendown vehicles," added Jain. "Fire tenders and ambulances should be kept on standby in case of an emergency."


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