Homebuyers seek PMO’s intervention for flat possession


Homebuyers seek PMO’s intervention for flat possession

A group of 70 homebuyers walked to the PMO in a silent protest march against Amrapali Group.

Homebuyers seek PMO’s intervention for flat possession

A group of 70 homebuyers on February 22 organised a silent march to the Prime Minister Office (PMO) to submit a written complaint against the Amrapali Group. They gave a memorandum to the PM’s secretary, who assured them of an immediate response to their grievances.

Prem Anand, who had booked a flat in Amrapali Dream Valley, a project in Greater Noida, said homebuyers had delineated all the problems they had been facing with the real estate giant.

Another homebuyer of the same project said several residents had booked flats in 2010, when the bookings opened. "We were promised delivery within three years, with an extension of up to six months," he said. "But the promises turned out to be hollow, as most of us are yet to get our flats."

Amarjit Randhava, a homebuyer who was present at the protest march, said meetings with the builder had proved futile. "Most of us have been paying our EMIs and house rents simultaneously, while all the builder has to say is that they are facing a cash crunch," said Randhawa. "There is no sign of development at the project site. We want to withdraw our deeds with the builder."            

Kuldeep Munshi, another homebuyer present at the march, said they had urged the PMO to intervene in the matter. He said homebuyers wanted their money back with an interest of the amount deposited with the builder. He said he received a positive response from the PMO, which assured them that it would call the homebuyers if needed. 

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