Make no mistake, they're tough
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Make no mistake, they're tough

When it comes to shouldering responsibility — and keeping it — women can be just as tough as men. The female AOA members of Ghaziabad have shown so.

Make no mistake, they're tough

When gender equality is the global cry, why should FedAOA, the apex body of AOAs in Ghaziabad, stay behind? In fact, it has a good percentage of women working in managerial capacities. City Spidey gets into a freewheeling chat with a few who are part of their society AOAs and have played a crucial role in the management of their day-to-day activities.

Meet Dimple Balwani, AOA joint secretary of Niho Scottish Gardens. 


Dimple Balwani, AOA joint secretary of Niho Scottish Gardens


She says, "Initially I was a part of a residents’ committee formed by the AOA, but this year I filed nominations on the recommendation of the AOA members and won. Things slowed down a bit after I had an accident and suffered multiple fractures. But things are OK now. But it gave me a little more time to invest in the society."    

Sweta Rai, AOA president of Exotica Elegance, shares her experience. She says, “Before this, I was the vice-president. I wasn’t too keen to take up the role, but accepted it on the request of my fellow board members. I am a full-time yoga trainer and a private teacher — but thankfully, I am able to make time for my role as the society president.”


Sweta Rai, AOA president of Exotica Elegance 


And is she a tough nut to crack? Rai says with obvious pride, “I can be tough competition for any male AOA member! And we work as a team, right? Only then can you really work towards improving the society.”

What does Kavita Mathur of Nirala Eden Park have to say about her responsibilities as the AOA president? “Welfare of the society and its residents is the one and only goal. If you can’t dedicate sufficient time for it, it’s best to not be part of it.”

Working as a board member of the previous two AOAs, Mathur already has a lot of hands-on experience. She says, “I make it a point to spend a couple of hours every day at the maintenance office. I am always available on the intercom or on my phone.”


Kavita Mathur, AOA president of Nirala Eden Park

Mathur maintains there is little difference between male and female when it comes to working for the AOA. “The only thing that matters is that the individual is able to dedicate time and energy to the role.”