PHOTO KATHA: Noida Flower Show kicks off today!
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PHOTO KATHA: Noida Flower Show kicks off today!

The show will be officially inaugurated today by Deepak Agarwal, CEO of the Noida Authority, at Noida stadium in Sector 21.

PHOTO KATHA: Noida Flower Show kicks off today!

Looking for that perfect outing this weekend? Give Noida Flower Show a try.

Popularly known as Basant Utsav, this year's edition of the annual flower show is being organised at Noida Stadium in Sector 21. The theme flower this time is the marigold.

The three-day affair is commencing on February 24, with Deepak Agarwal, CEO of Noida Authority, inaugurating the event. Apart from government-run nurseries, private players are also putting up their show at the venue. Indoor plants that help reduce pollution, such as the snake plant, aloe vera, areca palm, peace lily, money plant and rubber plant, will also be showcased.

The horticulture departments of Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway development authorities, along with NDMC, MCD, Bharat Petroleum and other private players, are set to participate in the event.


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STAR OF THE SHOW: Theme flower of this year's Basant Utsav: The marigold