Dwarka: Sec 5 DDA park in a state of neglect
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Dwarka: Sec 5 DDA park in a state of neglect

Broken swings, damaged electrical infrastructure and missing walkways point towards the Authority's lacklustre approach to maintenance.

Dwarka: Sec 5 DDA park in a state of neglect

One of the most popular DDA parks in Sector 5, Dwarka, located behind Kendriya Vidyalaya and near societies such as Kesarvani Apartments, Ganinath Nikunj and Vivekanad Apartments, lies in a state of neglect.

Residents and visitors to the park say broken swings, sandy ground and dried-up plants in the park are some of its neglected aspects. They say the park has been is this state for years.

Mahesh Gupta, general secretary of DDA SFS flats in the sector, says, “Delhi Development Authority never took the maintenance of this park seriously. Now you can see damaged electrical fittings, missing lights and missing walkways in the park.”



Gupta complains that the Authority is so casual in its approach that it never thought of providing facilities to attract visitors. “This park is used by residents and children of the surrounding areas. There are many children who, in preparing for physical exams for government jobs, come to this park to train. Many open-air gyms have come up in Dwarka, but not in this park. The Authority should think seriously about setting up an open-air gym here, as the youth need it.”

AK Shukla, president of Ganinath Nikunj Apartments, says, “It’s one of the biggest parks in the area. People come here in large numbers, but it’s painful to see the condition it's in. At least the broken and damaged swings should be replaced, and the basic amenities, such as walkways and the grounds, should be in good condition.”

City Spidey visited the park and spoke to some of the girls preparing for the Delhi Police physical test. Pooja, one of the girls, said, “We come here to exercise. If there was an open-air gym here, it would have been a boon for us. We request the authorities to set up an open-air gym here and maintain the park as well.”

When City Spidey spoke to YD Sharma, deputy director, horticulture department, DDA, he said, “I will visit the park and assess its condition. We will do what is necessary as soon as possible.”