EDMC allows municipal councillors to name streets, parks and societies

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Keywordsuggest.org
Posted: Mar 03, 2017

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has recently approved a proposal, as per which municipal councillors will be able to change the names of streets, community centres, parks and societies with residents' consent. The proposal, which was made by a couple of EDMC BJP councillors, was passed by all elected members of the corporation unanimously. 

Within a week of EDMC's decision, 12 out of 64 councillors have suggested new names for parks, streets and societies in their respective areas. All names will be replaced with the name of Hindu and Muslim deities, martyrs or saints and sages. All names will be changed before the municipal polls scheduled between March and April 2017.

Two DDA parks in Kalyanpuri municipal ward that were known simply as central parks have been named after Lord Shiva and Chandra Shekhar Azad respectively. A newly developed maternity home in Vasundhara Enclave has been named after Indira Gandhi, while a lane near the DDA market will be known as Masjid Gali.

When City Spidey asked residents what they thought of the move, they called it a political move. Many residents even refused to pay heed to the changes.  

SC Bhatia, a resident of OCS Apartments and a member of Vasundhara Enclave Cooperative Group Housing Societies, said, “Changing a name does not reflect development. Common people are not bothered about a fancy name. They want a fully facilitated park in their area. These are mere tactics to gain political mileage and promote politicians' self-interests.”

Ratan Lal Gupta, the general secretary of Vardhaman Apartments and the federation of Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS), said, “It’s a good way to pay homage to our freedom fighters. People usually don't pay much attention to such issues but they also don't oppose it if it is connected to their religious faith or is to their liking.” 

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