Road-widening work worsens traffic congestion on NH 24
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Road-widening work worsens traffic congestion on NH 24

A commuter said it took him half an hour to cover a 1.5-km stretch.

Road-widening work worsens traffic congestion on NH 24

Residents of societies along NH 24 are facing a tough time with heavy traffic congestion on the highway, owing to construction work for its widening.

Lokesh Parashar, a resident of Gaur Green Vista, a society located on the stretch of highway between Sai Mandir and UP Gate, said the construction work had added to the traffic chaos on the highway. Parashar also said traffic-rule violations were prevalent on the stretch.

"It takes me around 30 minutes just to cover a 1.5-km stretch in the mornings," said Parashar. "I wonder what people travelling longer distances go through."

Several other commuters on the highway City Spidey spoke to echoed similar sentiments. Imran Haider, a daily commuter, said he was now used to being stuck in traffic. "People who pass through this stretch for the first time lose their minds," said Haider.

City Spidey discussed the issue with Ghaziabad Traffic Police. Officials of the department said the stretch on which work was going on was in Delhi. "The stretch of the highway under Ghaziabad is yet to start," said an official. "We are already working on setting up a traffic plan once the work starts here. We have also made it clear to the highway authority to execute the work with the least possible disruption to traffic."

Speaking about the traffic rules being violated in the area, the official said the traffic department was aware of the problem and tried to curb it with challans and fines.