Building or repairing a house? Be ready to pay for construction waste


Building or repairing a house? Be ready to pay for construction waste

The EDMC environment department is likely to pass a proposal to help curb the haphazard disposal of such waste.

Building or repairing a house? Be ready to pay for construction waste Picture used for representative purpose only

Be ready to pay for waste generated during construction, reconstruction and repair of buildings. The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) is likely to pass a proposal to that effect soon.

BP Maurya, a senior EDMC official, told City Spidey that the corporation’s environment department sent a recommendation recently to Mohanjeet Singh, EDMC commissioner, for approval. “However, the commissioner’s office is yet to approve the proposal,” he said.

Another officer, who wished to not be named, said, “The commissioner’s office has decided to put the proposal directly before the elected members of the standing committee to take a decision.”   

According to Maurya, the environment department has recommended the imposition of a fee of Rs 205 per metric tonne of waste at the time of sanctioning the building plan and Rs 225 per metric tonne of waste for lifting the waste. The department has also proposed a 10 per cent increase on transportation charges every two years.

The recommendation letter reads: “When an individual or group of people will approach the building department seeking approval for construction, reconstruction or repairing a building, the department will calculate the average quantity of construction and demolition waste. In addition to this, the department will also calculate the number of days during which the waste will be generated.”

The department has proposed that while seeking approval for construction or repair of a building, the building’s owner will have to give in writing the time period for which construction work will go on. “The department has also recommended that no private body be hired for lifting the construction waste. Only the corporation will do it,” said Maurya.

He said that the proposal was in accordance with the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules of 2016. “Though the people constructing houses are not permanent generators of waste but debris is produced in bulk during demolition of a building,” he added.

Maurya said that many people dump such waste anywhere to avoid paying charges to the authorities concerned. Therefore, the environment department has proposed to impose a heavy fine on defaulters.