Sec 61, Noida: Matters heat up over issue of loud music...
Sec 61, Noida: Matters heat up over issue of loud music...
Ramesh Kumar
Sec 61, Noida: Matters heat up over issue of loud music...

Sec 61, Noida: Matters heat up over issue of loud music...

Tension between the RWA office bearers and residents of several apartments in Sector 61, Noida, was clearly visible when they met at the Prateek Fedora club house on the night of March 6. 

While gathered there to acquaint the police with potential issues that may create unrest in the sector during holi, the group soon digressed to the issue of some residents blaring music till late night, and an altercation ensued. 

Things deteriorated further when Vinod Mathur, the RWA secretary of Sector 61, challenged his fellow residents by saying he would allow parties in the park and the community centre. "Do what you can," he added. "You residents go to the police and let them come and stop us from giving permission to organisers.”

It forced Zaheer Khan, SHO with Sector 58 Police Station who was present at the meeting, to intervene. “On an average, I receive 10 text messages a day complaining against loud music being played during functions," said Khan. "Our PCR vans have to come and stop them each time there is a function in the community centre.”

He added that Mathur cannot shrug off responsibility and needs to ensure that organisers of such events follow the Supreme Court order that prohibits playing loud music in late hours.

Namit Gautam, president of Prateek Fedora AOA, complained that the Sector 61 RWA has not been cooperating with residents. It rents community centre to party organisers despite residents complaining against the noise.

"The RWA also rents out the park in case there is more than one party or function in the sector," said Gautam. "Renting a green park is illegal but the RWA has flouted that rule openly. The RWA is earning a fortune by renting out the parks and community centre. Thay are not bothered. What's strange is that the organisers also manage to obtain Noida Authority's permission." 

Gitali Chanda, vice-president of Marvel Homes managing committee, another society in the sector, said she agreed to the resident demands and said it needs to stop. 

Mathur launched a counter attack on them saying why residents who reside in different apartments in the sector have problem with functions that is held in the community centre and parks. He didn’t receive any complaint from those residents who reside in the bungalows of the sector.  

Sandeep Bhat, president of Marvel Homes managing committee, said, “We want the RWA to give permission to only those who reside in the sector. Outsiders should not be given permission at any cost.”

Residents Rakesh Arora, Ajay Shukla, Jai Kumar Singh, Dr CL Verma, Kishan Singh, Pramod Maheshwari, K Mathur, P Chaudary and Sukhbir Singh signed on a complaint copy and handed it over to the SHO. In the complaint, they requested him to stop the RWA from granting permission to any organiser. Police assured of appropriate action if such a complaint was received again.