When will this tree be relocated?

By Ramesh Kumar
Photo: Ramesh Kumar
Posted: Mar 08, 2017

A tree located bang in the middle of a busy road near Sector 67, Noida, has been obstructing the flow of traffic for the past six months. Commuters on the road are often stuck in traffic jam owing to the tree.

Although the tree has always been there, it became a problem especially after Noida Authority placed a divider on the road about six months back, which split the 30-feet road into two. The tree, now in the middle of one half of the road, has become a problem, as the road is narrower. Commuters said instead of helping the situation, the divider actually worsened it. They believe the Authority should have foreseen the problem and relocated the tree.

"Before the divider was placed, the tree used to be on one side of the road," said Mohan Yadav, a daily commuter on the road. "After the Authority placed the divider, the tree stands right in the middle of one half of the road. Commuters have to slow down when they approach the tree, and that causes it to move slow. The problem is worst during peak hours."

Moreover, the base of the tree is concretised, which means if not shifted soon, its death is imminent. 

"The Authority should do something to save the tree as soon as possible," said Sushil Singh, another commuter, who lives in Sector 119. "There are heavy vehicles plying on the road all day long. The weight and the vibrations caused by the vehicles are detrimental to the tree's roots. There is no place for the tree to gather water as well, as its base is concretised."

Mukesh Chand, inspector with the department of horticulture, Noida Authority, said an application for removing the tree had been submitted to the department of environment and an approval was awaited. "It is mandatory to obtain permission before relocating a tree," said Chand. "We will relocate the tree as soon as we have permission."

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