Before sparks fly...
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Before sparks fly...

A broken 11KV live wire in a Raison Armor car park leaves residents vulnerable.

Before sparks fly...

Raison Armor Homes in Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, has its hopes pinned on UPPCL. An 11KV overhead line passing over a parking area in the apartment has broken four to five times, leaving the live cable lying on the ground. Each time, the authorities provide a makeshift solution by rejoining the lines.

As a result, the power line now has several joints along its stretch from the main road to the transformer at India Moon City, the apartment behind Raison Armor Homes. 

"It is a constant threat to residents. How can we let our kids play in the compound?" says Mahesh Mittal, a resident of Raison Armor Homes.

When City Spidey discussed the matter with Deepak Kumar, Executive Engineer UPPCL (in charge of the Indirapuram zone), he said the maintenance and reinstallation of power lines all over Indirapuram is under way. "Raison Armor Homes can rest easy. A new line will soon be installed. The work is being carried out by Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a renowned engineering firm," he said.

Senior management of L&T confirmed that they had started work and the Raison issue would be resolved in a month.