Gurgaon: Vacant plots to turn into temporary parking lots
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Gurgaon: Vacant plots to turn into temporary parking lots

With the city facing a lot of parking issues, MCG says the Haryana government policy comes at the right time.

Gurgaon: Vacant plots to turn into temporary parking lots Picture used for representative purpose only

According to a new policy formed by the government of Haryana, the vacant plots under the municipality that are at least 500 sq m will now be used for temporary parking. The cost of parking will be decided by the civic body.

Both the administration officials and residents have greeted the decision as the city has been running short of parking space.

Kavita Jain, the Urban Local Bodies Minister, said that although the size of the vacant plot should be minimum 500 sq m, merging of adjoining plots of smaller sizes belonging to the same or different owners will also be allowed. 

“For this, permission will be granted for a licence fee of Rs 100 per sq m every year. This will be a temporary parking permit, to be issued and renewed every year according to the area needs. The permission should not be mistaken as a change in land use or any other permanent issue. No permanent construction can be made on the plots, except for a washroom and a ticket-cum-guard room of not more than 50 sq ft each. Anyone who wants to utilise their vacant plot as a parking lot will have to submit an application and the revenue documents of the plot to the officer concerned,” Jain told City Spidey.

If the parking site causes any hassle to the public, the authorities can revoke the licence without any notice. It will be the responsibility of the owner to make sure that vehicles are parked within the parking zone. The owner will have to place a signage for parking, with parking rates for the site.

According to an MCG official, the policy comes at the right time, as the city faces major parking issues. “This way, land owners can make some profit from their vacant plots and the city’s parking issues can be resolved to a large extent. As vacant plots are often used as garbage dumping sites by residents, the policy will ensure that such areas are maintained,” said the official.