Dwarka, Sector 3: Is that a park!
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Dwarka, Sector 3: Is that a park!

Like several other parks in the sub-city, the neighbourhood park of Sector 3 is the perfect instance of civic disinterest. With poor lighting, the park is now becoming the hotbed of miscreants.

Dwarka, Sector 3: Is that a park! The Sector 3 park

Like several other parks of Dwarka, the neighbourhood park of Sector 3, too, is a picture of shoddy maintenance.

It’s a popular park surrounded by societies such as Heritage Tower, Sansad Vihar, Aastha Kunj, National Apartments, Vishrantika Apartments, Batukji Apartments and Welcome Group CGHS.

Naked wires, open fuse boxes, poor lighting, broken slabs over drains — civic apathy is written all over the place. 


The broken slabs just at the entrance are an open invitation to accidents


Namita Chaudhry, a resident of Heritage Tower, said, “This park badly needs DDA attention. Just look at the entrance! Almost all the slabs over the drain at the entrance are damaged — it’s so easy to have an accident there. Anybody can fall. The bulbs also need to be checked.”

OP Thakur, a resident of National Apartments, said, “The park must have proper lighting — it’s important for basic security. Some parts have lights, others lie in complete darkness. Most of the lights don’t work.”

There have been times when, under the cover of darkness, strangers are seen to consume alcohol in the park. President of Vishrantika Apartments, Sumant Chaturvedi, said, “Once I saw a few people sitting in the park consuming liquor. No wonder chain-snatching incidents are happening too often in this area now.”

Residents have complained to the concerned departments — but are still awaiting action.