Rihayashi Apts: How bleak is the neighbourhood

Ved Prakash, RWA president, Sunil Kumar, treasurer, and VN Singh, a resident of the society, show the poor condition of the footpath
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Mar 19, 2017

The state of the neighbourhood near Rihayashi Apartments in Pocket 7, Sector 12, is so bad that it has become a cause for concern for residents. The road in front of the society is broken, the lighting along the boundary wall poor, footpaths filthy with garbage and the stretch from Bensups Hospital to the society littered. 

The RWA of the society blames the municipal corporation and Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

Ved Prakash, president of the society, told City Spidey, “The corporation and DDA have failed to maintain the area. You can see that the footpaths are full of shrubs and garbage. Recently, we had to get the footpath along our boundary wall cleared. Besides, open manholes are an invitation to disaster for pedestrians. Lighting in front of the society is also poor. A streetlight pole that fell down earlier has been just lying there since. There are also naked wires on the footpath.”


A streetlight pole that fell down is just lying there ever since, not to mention naked wires right next to the footpath


The RWA said that the concrete road in front of the society was in bad shape, and that potholes and cracks could be seen at many places. VN Singh, an elderly resident of the society, said, “The stretch of road near Bensups Hospital is damaged. The potholes are getting bigger by the day. It’s a similar story in our society too, where, though not big potholes, cracks and a damaged surface on internal roads are common. These roads need to be repaired urgently.”

“The roadsides are strewn with garbage. The corporation is aware of the issue but they don't bother to clean it,” said Sunil Kumar, treasurer of the RWA.

When City Spidey spoke to Shashi Tomar, the area councillor, he said, “I am aware of the issues and am trying to resolve them.”


Potholes on a damaged road near the society

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