Aditya Urban Casa: Firefighting equipment that can't fight fire!
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Aditya Urban Casa: Firefighting equipment that can't fight fire!

Residents of the Sector 78 society in Noida are sceptical about whether the 'dilapidated' equipment will help them at all in case of a blaze.

Aditya Urban Casa: Firefighting equipment that can't fight fire! Picture used for representative purpose only

Two days after a major fire incident left 30 families homeless in Sector 78, Noida, residents of Aditya Urban Casa, a society in the same sector, are raising concerns about the preparedness of firefighting equipment in the society.

Residents say that the equipment is dysfunctional and cannot be relied upon. There is a huge leak in the firefighting pipes and this water floods the basement. 

Colonel (Retd) P Chandra, a resident, said, “The builder has not connected the firefighting equipment with the water supply. There is a gap between the two water supply pipelines in the basement below Tower H. There is also a leakage in the same tower.”


The firefighting system in the basement of Tower H is not connected to the water supply


“The equipment cannot be used — it won't help residents fight fire. What's the use of such equipment then?” said Colonel (Retd) Chandra.

The former army officer demanded that Noida Fire Service conduct an immediate site inspection and a mock drill in the society. “This will help check the operational status of the equipment. They should also initiate action against the developer, who hardly cares about resident safety. The dilapidated state of the firefighting equipment in the society reflects the builder’s callous attitude,” he added.

When City Spidey contacted Ramraja Yadav, chief fire officer with Noida Fire Service, he said, “It is the builder's responsibility to keep the firefighting equipment operational.”

He added that since City Spidey has brought this issue to his notice, his department will serve a notice to the builder. “But residents have not approached me regarding the issue. They should also come forward with their grievances,” he said.


Video shows leakage in the water supply pipeline on the sixth floor of Tower H in the society