Grand Omaxe: AOA to grant membership to non-registered flat owners
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Grand Omaxe: AOA to grant membership to non-registered flat owners

About 300 flat owners will now get voting rights and also be able to participate in general body meetings.

Grand Omaxe: AOA to grant membership to non-registered flat owners

Non-registered flats owners of Grand Omaxe, a society in Sector 93B, Noida, will now be able to enjoy voting rights. The AOA of the society unanimously decided to grant them membership of the association. The development will also allow them to put forth their grievances and participate in general body meetings of the society.    

Of the 1,300 flats in the society, about 300 are non-registered. Most of them have deposited the charge of stamp papers, a legal document for registration, with the builder but their flats are yet to be registered with the Registrar of Department of Stamp and Duty in Noida. This had barred them from becoming members of the association.

The decision was taken at a general body meeting on March 19. According to the by-laws of the society, only registered flat owners, if they pay a membership fee of Rs 1,000, are eligible for becoming members of the association. But the resident body made an exception and put forth a provision to allow such owners to become members of the association.

PVS Prakash, secretary of the AOA, said, “As far as giving all residents an equal opportunity to put forward their suggestions, this is a historic decision taken by the AOA. People have been residing in the society for the past five years, but many couldn’t participate in resident-body elections as they were not members.”

Prakash added that the non-registered flat owners wanted to be part of the society’s major decision-making meetings but were never allowed. “They were barred from the meetings for no fault of theirs. They paid the builder all the charges and have also been being paying the maintenance fee. Residents thought it was not fair to them. The AOA will give them membership if they have already paid the builder stamp paper charges.”

Major General (Retd) Umong Sethi, president of the AOA, Shilpa Panpalia, vice-president, and members of the association were present at the meeting.

Meanwhile, a proposal to improve maintenance service in the society was also approved at the general body meeting. Before the meeting began, VN Bali, an elderly resident, along with other residents, planted saplings in the society to promote greenery on the premises.


The general body meeting under progress in the society on March 19

Dabru  Anand
Dabru Anand
1393 Days Ago
I live in Exotica Dreamville, here AOA is never available. Non registered members are not allowed to be a member of the AOA body and the AOA body are either in business or working class. They don't have time to listen to the public.
Quarrels are not sought to take MPC and SPC.

Builder Dinesh Jain has taken a power connection of 2000 KW and taking money from residents of 11,000 KW. Senior Citizen who are available after retirment should take over the charge of AOA, even if they are non-registered.