Will Noida get its traffic park this year?
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Will Noida get its traffic park this year?

It has been 15 months since construction began, but the project has not even reached the halfway mark.

Will Noida get its traffic park this year?

Construction work for Noida Authority's much-awaited traffic park in Sector 108 is moving at a snail's pace.

The Authority is spending several crores for the project, which was to be completed by October 2016. But it has been 15 months since work started, and the project is yet to even reach the halfway mark.

The park's objective is to teach citizens driving and act as a platform for officials to hold meetings and organise workshops on safe driving.

The park will be a simulation of actual road conditions, with signals, traffic lights and crossings, where traffic police will teach people how to drive. They will also familiarise them with traffic rules and regulations.

"Parks such as this are scattered across Europe but are not that common in India," said RS Gautam, project engineer, traffic cell of Noida Authority. “We have one such traffic park in Lucknow."

The traffic park will also have a special auditorium, where the police can conduct special seminars on traffic rules for children. Till now, the traffic police and RTO go to schools to conduct seminars. The auditorium is still under construction.

"The project should have been completed by now, but there was a delay in passing a tender by the Authority's electricity department," said Gautam. "Elections played a major role in the project's delay. Hopefully, it will be completed in the next four months."