Dwarka resident bodies encourage people to vote

By Akhilesh Pandey
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Posted: Mar 24, 2017

Resident bodies in Dwarka, such as RWAs of various societies, managements of CGHS, Dwarka Forum, Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) and Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) are making efforts to ensure a good turnout at the municipal elections, to be held on April 23.

The initiatives have been undertaken keeping in mind the tepid turnout of 12 per cent last year. The resident bodies are encouraging people to vote through meetings, circulars, messages, WhatsApp groups, Facebook and e-mails.
"We will be organising several activities in societies, encouraging more women residents to vote," said Cicily Kodiyan, president of ANHLGT and a resident of Sheetal Vihar Apartments, Sector 23. "The municipal corporation elections are more important for residents than the assembly or Lok Sabha elections. It is important that maximum people cast their votes for this election." 

SDKS, a resident body of senior citizens, has already started its awareness campaign. All its meetings focus on the importance of voting. President of SDKS and resident of Dream Apartments, Sector 22, Shashi Kapoor, said, “Tomorrow we have our spiritual meet at the Sector 22 park. We will also discuss the importance of voting at the meeting. We are circulating WhatsApp messages to encourage people to vote." 

Dwarka Forum has also chosen WhatsApp to spread awareness about the need to vote. "We have also been circulating e-mails urging people to vote," said Sunil Sareen, joint secretary of Dwarka Forum and resident of Bharat Vandana Apartments, Sector 19. "We want the turnout to be 100 per cent this year."

“We have more than 500 residents in the society, of which a meagre 10 per cent voted last year," said Colonel (Retd) Sunil Dubey, president of Skylark Apartments, Sector 6. "This time we want to increase the percentage, and for that, we have started asking people. The subject will also be discussed at the meeting and a circular appealing to all residents to vote will be sent to all the flats."

Apart from resident groups, there are many individuals too, who have taken the onus of urging people to vote. A social activist and resident of Dwarkadheesh Apartments, Sector 12, Anjana Sinha, is one such person. "I always broach the topic of one's voting rights at meetings and during our morning and evening walks. This is our democratic right and we must use it. I appeal to all Dwarka residents to vote." 

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This is Democratic right to elect the righr candidate who belongs TO dwarka and take a good decision in the favour our city Dwarka so please vote and ensure for Right candidate .Thanks and regard kamal juneja Jhelum arorvansh cghs ltd sec 5 plot no 8 Dwarka