How the popularity of parks in South City I, Gurgaon, did a 180
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How the popularity of parks in South City I, Gurgaon, did a 180

While earlier people used to hesitate going to the parks in the evenings, these days, hundreds of people are seen enjoying themselves here until late evening.

How the popularity of parks in South City I, Gurgaon, did a 180

With the developer and the authorities failing to maintain the parks in South City I, Gurgaon, a bunch of residents taken on the onus. 

Residents of block G, D, I and K, have spent more than Rs 5 lakh to maintain and develop the parks. They have developed the landscape and installed fences and gates. Thanks to them, a the children in the area have a playground and the senior citizens, a place to to stroll in the evenings. 

The parks were once devoid of basic facilities such as benches, a jogging track and lights. The only visitors to the park were stray dogs, cows and pigs. Now, they have a daily footfall of 400 people collectively.

“We have recently contributed for the entry and exit gates, without which pigs and cattle used to enter the park and erode the grass and uproot the plants," said Sameer Tripathi, a resident of block G. "Since ours is a larger park, we got an underground water tank that can store up to 15,000 liters of water that could be used to water plants at any point of the day.”



Tilak Mehta, a resident of K block, said, “The park in our area is 3,600 square yards in area. We had approached the developer several times for the maintenance, but as expected nothing was done. We decided to take up an initiative and pool in some money from our pockets for the renovation of the park. Mending the broken fence had to be done on top priority. 

To make sure that the garden is looked after well, residents also got a restroom built for the gardener who takes care of the park during the day. To make it convenient for the jogging enthusiasts, a track has been developed. Benches have been installed for the senior citizens. There are swings installed for kids.

Residents collect money every month to pay for the gardener and the park's maintenance.

“Earlier, people used to hesitate going to the park in the evenings, as it was dark and unsafe," said Neeta Sharma, a resident of the block I. "Now we have made sure that it is well-lit. The place is now flooded with residents until late evenings."

The park is not only being used by residents of these particular blocks, but also the nearby blocks.