The best golgappas in Dwarka...
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The best golgappas in Dwarka...

People from across the sub-city swear by this particularly zesty snack, served in Sector 10. Have you had a taste yet?

The best golgappas in Dwarka...

It is India's most popular snack. Call it golgappa, pani puri or phuchka, city streets are incomplete without these quintessential balls of tangy deliciousness.

Not all pani puris, however, will be as yummy as those served by Kolkata Golgappa House in Sector 10, Dwarka. The tiny stand has been a favourite of denizens here. It’s an everyday scenario — people surrounding the stall, waiting for their turn and holding paper plates, waiting for their share of these crunchy orbs. People from across Dwarka flock to the stall to binge on this zesty snack, easily forgetting to keep count of how many they've had in one go.

Siliguri-based Munna Shah, who now resides in Madhu Vihar, set up this stall about two and a half years ago. But its parent branch, in Gurgaon, was set up 10 years ago by him and his uncle. “I was 12 when I started making golgappas, which we call phuchkas back home. Unlike others in different parts of Delhi, our golgappas are made in the way it is traditionally made in [West] Bengal.”



                                                                                                             Photo: Puja Gupta

Jitender Prasad, a resident of Sector 9, tells City Spidey, “I am in love with these especially flavourful golgappas. The stuffing in these is the best I've tasted. It is different and piquant in taste, which makes it so popular with the youngsters here."

Shah starts at 5 in the evening. But his golgappas, which he sells for Rs 5 a piece, sell like hot cakes, and he runs out in just four or five hours. 

Shah and his uncle have managed to start a chain and have opened six stalls till now ­— two in Dwarka (in sectors 7 and 10) and the rest in Palam, Rajouri Garden, Rani Bagh and Panipat.

They also take party orders. So what are you waiting for? Happy gorging!