Vatika City: Happy feet race ahead to the finish
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Vatika City: Happy feet race ahead to the finish

Taking cue from a similar event for the elderly, this Gurgaon RWA organises the first ever sports day for the kids.

Vatika City: Happy feet race ahead to the finish

It was a special Sunday for residents, especially for the younger ones, at Vatika City, a residential society in Sector 49, Gurgaon. The RWA of the society had organised its first annual sports day for children on March 26.

With Deepak Saharan, DCP (East), as the chief guest, several types of races, such as frog jump, ball race, sack race and hurdle race were part of the event. Winners were given medals and certificates.

Of course such events are regular at Vatika City. Says Giriraj Gupta, RWA president, "We had organised a similar event for the senior citizens earlier. This time it was children's turn. The response from the kids and the parents was overwhelming."

No wonder, the RWA has decided to make this an annual event in the society.

Besides, as Nand Kishore Taori, a member of the Senior Citizens Association in the society, says, "These activities instill sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership in kids. They also teach them about surviving a competition and, most importantly, accepting defeat."


Deepak Saharan, DCP (East), addresses the audience and the children during the event


The ground inside the society was decked up with colourful flags. With the kids beaming with excitement and the parents cheering for them, it was a super charged atmosphere. Says Navnoor Kaur, an 8-year-old participant, "I thought I was running at a good speed until I realised I was on the third position. I will definitely win the first place next year.”

Parents were elated to see their kids engaged in outdoor activities, especially when the kids are under pressure to perform in studies the entire year. "My kids are usually laid-back on Sundays, but today they were full of excitement. They woke up early!" says Jyotsana Thakur, a resident.

It helped that the timing of the event was just right. Chand Kakkar, a formal school principal and a member of the RWA, says, "Studies and sports go hand in hand. The children's exams have just got over. This event couldn’t have happened on a better day.”

Meanwhile, the society’s coach had his hands full throughout the event. “It’s not easy to handle kids. I had to ensure that all of them ran when the whistle was blown, especially when there were kids as young as three years old on the track,” said Rajendra Minhas, the coach.