SDKS initiates 'knowledge walk' for Dwarka kids

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Mar 27, 2017

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS), a group of senior citizens based in Dwarka, has started educating children of sectors 22 and 23 on plants and trees in the area.

In the mornings, children from societies such as Sadbhavna Apartments, Chitrakoot Apartments and New Kanchanjunga Apartments are accompanied by SDKS members to a park behind Sadbhavna Apartments in Sector 22. They are taught to identify common trees, plants and flowers in the area. They conclude each session with a discussion on environment-related issues.

"About 20 children participated in this morning's knowledge walk," said SS Mann, vice-president of SDKS and a member of the managing committee of Sadbhavna Apartments. "They were taught to distinguish between trees such as neem, peepal, arjuna, alstonia and amla. They took a keen interest in the daily topics and asked intelligent questions. The children promised to go out of their way to protect the sub-city's greenery and start planting trees on their birthdays." 

In a chat with City Spidey, DC Mathur, secretary of SDKS and a resident of New Kanchanjunga Apartments in Sector 23, said the programme had been initiated to bring kids closer to nature. "We have also decided to organise trips to biodiversity parks soon," said Mathur.

SDKS has also planned environment-related summer projects for children. The best project will receive an award from SDKS.

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