No water in these Gurgaon sectors for three days

By Anil Manchanda
Photo: Mg.co.za
Posted: Mar 29, 2017

Residents of sectors 21, 22, 23 in Gurgaon have been facing an acute shortage of water for several days now, with not even a drop to drink in the past three days. Recently, residents of these sectors met Municipal Commissioner V Umashankar and submitted a written complaint about the problem.

Shortage of water has always a been a problem in these sectors. But the situation this time has gone from bad to worse. Before the water supply stopped, residents said they were getting contaminated water. They even lodged complaints with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) but no action was taken.

"The municipal commissioner has assured us that the issue will be resolved in four days," said Bhim Singh Yadav, president of the Sector 22 RWA. "If, after four days, the problem persists, we will protest against MCG."

"I'm not too hopeful. Even if the problem is solved, we will receive sewage-mixed contaminated water," said Vandana Singh, a resident of Sector 23. "Even the water pressure in our sector is low."

MCG Commissioner V Umashankar said although supply should start in about four days, it would be a temporary solution. "We are going to build a water-boosting station," he said. "That should take a year to become operational. Once that is ready, these sectors will not face water supply problems any more. But until then, we will make some alternative arrangements to ensure the people in these sectors don't suffer."

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