What’s Dwarka drinking this summer?
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What’s Dwarka drinking this summer?

While ice-cream and lime-water vendors will rule the roost during summers on Delhi streets, the sub-city has its own special sip. The ubiquitous nariyal pani!

What’s Dwarka drinking this summer?

As summer hits the capital, ice-cream and lime-water vendors will take over the streets of Delhi. But what will be Dwarka’s favourite drink?

Nariyal pani, certainly!

Come summer, and every road corner will have coconut water vendors — in a 2-km stretch from Dwarka Sector 1 to Sector 7, there are nearly 8 to 10 vendors.

It’s the same for other sectors as well.

Munna Hasan, 40, has been selling the refreshment for 10 years now. He used have his stall in Sagarpur for eight years, but began business in Sector 7, opposite Shriniketan Co-Operative Group Housing Society, some two years back.

"Mine is a seasonal business. Though there are many vendors in the area, each of us has our own customer base. Our regular customers are people from nearby societies. There are stray customers too, who help us earn a few extra bucks,” says Hasan, who sells vegetables for the rest of the year.

Anju Solanki, a resident, says, "What can be a better drink than nariyal pani during summer! And, it's easily available too. Every evening, I come down and buy some for my family. Sometimes, I get it delivered at home too."

While Hasan puts up his stall only for six months — from March to August — there are some who do it for the rest of the year. Their numbers are, however, few.

Tasleem Khan, 50, is one of them. He has a stall in Sector 1, opposite Bharat Petroleum, for more than three years now.

He explains, "Summer is the best time for business. But I have customers round the year. During off-season, one glass of nariyal pani costs Rs 20-Rs 35, while during summers, it is sold for Rs 50-Rs 60.”