No cars today, please
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No cars today, please

The RWA Federation Ghaziabad is trying hard to make March 10 a success.

No cars today, please

RWAs in Ghaziabad are determined to make March 10, the second car-free day, a success.  

The RWA Federation Ghaziabad has come up with new ways to encourage residents to not use their vehicles today.

Colonel TP Tyagi, president of the federation, told City Spidey that several volunteer teams have been deployed in various parts of the city to spread awareness of increasing air pollution in the city. A street play is also planned. 

Ten buses provided by the UP State Road Transport Corporation and another ten provided by the federation will be plying today from different parts of the city to the Vaishali Metro station at 30-minute intervals. 

Here's hoping the RWA Federation's efforts pay off. Residents, please also do your bit.