Noida Authority to fix faulty transformers in Sec 30
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Noida Authority to fix faulty transformers in Sec 30

Saumya Srivastava, Deputy CEO of the Authority, who was in the sector along with project engineers, also assured residents of repairs to the damaged roads and the installation of LED lights.  

Noida Authority to fix faulty transformers in Sec 30

Noida Authority on April 1 has decided to fix defective transformers in Sector 30, Noida. The transformers are prone to explosions caused by electricity surges in summers. 

Saumya Srivastava, Deputy CEO, Noida Authority, along with project engineers, visited the sector today. Srivastava told residents that he had instructed his engineers to identify the issues that disrupted power supply in the sector. He further said that all non-functioning electrical poles would be repaired and LED lamps installed wherever needed. 

Pramod Verma, an officer bearer in the Sector 30 RWA, said the transformers placed inside the sector exploded due to a spike in power consumption during summers, causing power cuts that left residents helpless against soaring temperatures. 

He pointed out that the transformers were of low capacity and incapable of handling the increased load once electronic gadgets such as air-conditioners and air coolers were operated. The transformers had been installed when the sector was being developed years ago. However, as the number of residents increased the electricity demand, too, soared. The transformers should have been upgraded with the increase in power consumption but were not, causing an overload on them instead. 

Verma also broached the topic of the hanging overhead cables supplying power to the sector and requested Srivastava to replace them with underground cables. Srivastava, however, did not give any assurance on the matter. 

Residents also brought up the issue of damaged roads in the sector that had not been repaired for the past four years. Srivastava said the Authority's engineering team had been instructed to prepare an estimate for repairs of the road and the problem would be solved soon.