Prepare to see LED streetlights in Ghaziabad from April 4

By Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Photo: Prweb.com
Posted: Apr 03, 2017

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation's project to replace the city's streetlights with LED lights was inaugurated on April 3. From tomorrow, work will start from areas such as Vasundhara, Sector 23 of Sanjay Nagar and Raj Nagar first, while prominent areas such as Vijay Nagar will follow suit.

"The new LED lights will automatically switch on and off in the evenings and the mornings," said an official of the municipal corporation. "Moreover, the lights will also be dimmed, whenever required."

All bulbs and tube lights of 400 watt, 250 watt, 150 watt, 70 watt and 40 watt will be replaced by LEDs of 120 watt, 80 watt, 65 watt, 30 watt and 18 watt respectively. The intersections will be lit with yellow light, while the streets will have white light.

Rajeev Shome, a resident of Vasundhara, lauded the municipal corporation's eco-friendly endeavour and said a bonus would be the replacement of all non-functional lights in the city.

BS Raghav, another resident of Vasundhara, echoed similar sentiments. "It will be less hassle for both the municipal corporation and the residents, as these lights are low-maintenance and long-lasting," he said. "The municipal corporation must now find an eco-friendly solution to the city's garbage problem. It is impossible to drive around the city with the windows down. The entire city smells like garbage either rotting or burning."

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