Dwarka unites against leaf burning
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Dwarka unites against leaf burning

Green Circle, an NGO, organised a composting event at Diamond Square Apartments in Sector 6 to demonstrate the simple practice of turning leaf litter into manure.

Dwarka unites against leaf burning

Residents of Dwarka have joined hands to start a campaign against burning of leaves, and also to promote composting. To celebrate the occasion, Green Circle, an NGO, organised an event at the park beside Diamond Square Apartments in Sector 6.

During the event, composting was demonstrated to the participants. Two pits were made and filled with dry leaves — it was then covered with mud to allow the litter to decompose.

Children, senior citizens and many others participated in the programme, with everybody taking turns to dump dry leaves into the pit. They also held up boards with slogans such as, "Save the Environment".


Green Circle organises a composting event at the park beside Diamond Square Apartments, Sector 6


V Selvarajan, secretary of Green Circle and a resident of Diamond Square Apartments, spoke to City Spidey about the initiative. “We have been doing our bit in the area. But after the fire incident in Sector 12, we decided to step up our efforts. More such events would be organised to sensitise the community.”

Selvarajan explained that composting was one of the easiest ways of getting rid of leaf litter. He added, “Everybody in the neighbourhood can participate in composting practices — instead of just depending on the government. If citizens start showing interest, civic employees will follow suit.”

Green Circle president KC Kumar said, “We want to ensure zero waste of dry leaves — they can be easily converted to compost. We will take the message across localities in Dwarka. We have also taken up the issue of garbage burning in Dwarka with the Pollution Control Board, and will resort to legal remedies if the need arises.”