Gurgaon, Sec 40: Potholes, sewage and stink!
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Gurgaon, Sec 40: Potholes, sewage and stink!

With the MCG going back on its assurance to repair the badly damaged internal roads of the sector, residents promise to take to the streets.

Gurgaon, Sec 40: Potholes, sewage and stink!

Hapless residents of Sector 40, Gurgaon, have threatened to stage an agitation against the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) to protest the badly damaged internal roads.

Just a month back, the residents had staged a protest on the same issue. MCG assurance to repair the roads followed soon enough, but repairs were carried out on only a small patch.



“MCG has not kept its promise. The roads are now in a dangerous condition! If you are on a two-wheeler and you need to apply the brakes suddenly, the bike will skid for sure. The roads are full of potholes, and they fill with water during the monsoons,” complained Kavita Chhillar, a resident.

She added, “Before the sector was transferred to MCG, we had the same tussle with Haryana Urban Development Authority [HUDA]. And it’s the same now. Nobody wants to pay any attention to the problems we are facing.”



MCG had taken over Sector 40 from HUDA in February 2016 for civic maintenance.

The residents alleged that the MCG contractor had dug up the roads for repairs, but had left the internal sewers damaged. And now the potholes were filled with sewer water, emitting a stink.

RWA president, Sector 40, Ram Kishan, said, “Of the three main roads in the sector, two are in a pitiable state, and I receive complaints from the residents every day. We have now given an ultimatum to MCG. If it does not start repair work, we will agitate.”

Rohit Yadav, joint commissioner, MCG, said, “We are working on the problem. As communicated earlier, the repair work is in progress.”