Rihayashi Apts, Dwarka: In desperate need of repairs

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 06, 2017

The RWA of Rihayashi Apartments in Sector 12, Pocket 7, Dwarka, has demanded that DDA repair the common areas of the society.

According to residents, the gritwash on the window shades and balconies in several areas across the society are in dire need of repair. There have been a few instances in which chunks of gritwash have fallen off and damaged vehicles parked below. Moreover, they say the plaster in many common areas of the society is peeling off.

President of RWA, Ved Prakash, said, “About 90 per cent of the window shades are in bad condition. Recently, a resident had a narrow escape near the water tanks, when a concrete chunk came off and fell on one. The tank was damaged beyond repair. Incidents such as this have become so common that residents have started installing metal roofs over tanks to protect them. You can imagine how dangerous the situation is. DDA is not bothered about it. This pocket was developed by DDA and now is under the municipal corporation. We have written to them several times but they are not taking it seriously.”

According to DDA officials, the pocket was developed by them and handed over to the municipal corporation. The responsibility of the society's maintenance lies with the corporation. In fact, DDA officials said the society's maintenance had never been in their scope.

Residents, however, blame DDA for using poor-quality material, and hence believe the Authority should be the one fixing the problem.

Sunil Kumar, the treasurer of the RWA, said, “We wrote to DDA, but its reply was far from assuring. It said only those flats allotted after 2010 fell into their jurisdiction and would be repaired — ours, on the other hand, were allotted in 2005. But there are many societies in Dwarka that had been allotted before 2010 for which DDA has carried out repairs for common areas and window roofs. Then why not for us?”

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