PHOTO KATHA: Gzb car-free day, the sequel

Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Ghaziabad observed its second car-free day today. The day saw RWA federation president Colonel TP Tyagi leading from the front, as he cycled through the streets of Ghaziabad and sent a message to people who chose to use their cars on the day. 

Thirteen were even convinced to go back and park their cars at home! Now, that's definitely a step up from last time.

City Spidey brings you glimpses from the day.


GREEN FLAG: Ghaziabad kicks off its second car-free day on March 10.


HEY, NO CARS: Colonel TP Tyagi encourages a car user to give his vehicle a break on the day.


ROSE TO THE OCCASION: Car users were given a rose and a pamphlet to raise awareness of the car-free day.


STREET-SMART: Residents staged street plays at the Ramlila grounds in Kavi Nagar.

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