Mayur Vihar Extension: Municipal park gets a makeover!
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Mayur Vihar Extension: Municipal park gets a makeover!

Residents can now look forward to a walk in the park (located near Kala Vihar Apartments) late in the evenings as the park now has proper lighting and a better rain-shelter .

Mayur Vihar Extension: Municipal park gets a makeover! The rain-shelter in the park

A municipal park located near Kala Vihar Apartments in Mayur Vihar Extension recently got a makeover. Residents of societies located near the park can now take a walk in the park till late in the evenings this summer.

Though, the park is yet to be fully covered with grass, it now has lighting and the damaged pathway has been repaired. Slides and swings that were in a dilapidated state have been also been repaired and the rain-shelter in the park has got a new lease of life.

The development work was done from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Fund (MPLAD) of Mahesh Giri, MP from East Delhi, who has allotted the fund ahead of municipal polls scheduled on April 23. 

S Ratnam, a resident of Kala Vihar Apartments, says, “The lighting in the park was defunct for the last couple of months. In a meeting with Giri in January, we had put forth the park’s development as one of our demands. Though many of our demands are yet to be met, we are thankful to him for improving the condition of the park.”

When temperature is at its peak during summers, residents prefer coming to this park. “It’s the nearest park for us. Many of us sit here till late in the evening to for fresh air,” Ratnam adds.

DP Ahuja, a resident and managing committee member of Manas Apartments, says, “The rain-shelter is very useful for us. People of nearby areas also visit this park. They will now find a better place to run for cover if it begins to rain suddenly.”