MCD polls: Dwarka neighbours become contenders!
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MCD polls: Dwarka neighbours become contenders!

AAP and BJP have fielded two candidates - Sushma Bansal and Kamaljeet Sehrawat – for Ward B from neighbouring societies in Sector 6. City Spidey finds out what’s on their minds.

MCD polls: Dwarka neighbours become contenders! Picture used for representative purpose only

With the municipal elections due on April 23 in Dwarka, candidates contesting for the two recently formed wards – A and B – are busy trying to woo the public. Interestingly, AAP and BJP have fielded two candidates from neighbouring societies from the same sector for Ward B, which comprises seven sectors and two villages.

Kamaljeet Sehrawat, a resident of Guru Apartments, plot no 2, Sector 6, is representing BJP, while Sushma Bansal, a resident of Katyayani Apartments, plot no 8, Sector 6, is representing AAP.

While Sehrawat (BJP’s state vice-president and former president of Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha) has been active in the field for some time, Bansal, has begun her political career with this election. Bansal is the wife of Pradeep Bansal, one of AAP’s founders and supervisor of MLA office, Matiala Assembly.

In a candid chat with City Spidey, they spoke about areas they were concerned about and the development work they hoped to accomplish. While both agreed on sanitation as one of the issues in the sub city, they cited other areas too they wanted to address.


Kamaljeet Sehrawat:

PHOTO: Puja Gupta

Sanitation is a priority. The sub-city looks attractive from outside but once you enter, you find out how residents are coping with the issue. We are planning to install dustbins throughout the area. We also plan to install gasification plants by which we will convert the garbage into electricity.

Lighting is another issue here. Most residents here are working professionals and use Metro to travel. But after sundown, there are many areas that are not well-lit. This is a major concern, especially for women. We work towards providing proper lighting at such spots.

Women in other sectors are well educated and independent. We will be working on women empowerment in both the villages – Amberai and Pochanpur – that fall in the constituency. We will be opening some centres where women from middle and lower-middle class will be given vocational training, and will be helped in pursuing further education.


Sushma Bansal:


PHOTO: Supplied


We have different plans to help curb the problem of sanitation. We will have to keep a check on sanitation workers that are deployed in all the apartments and societies. An attendance book should be maintained in all places and that should be duly signed by them. This way we can keep a check on their work. Their salaries will be given only if we find their work satisfactory.

We are also planning to install compost pits in different areas through which the litter or dried fallen leaves can be converted into compost.

In our public meetings, locals demanded us to make public toilets, especially for the elderly. This would ensure that they don’t have to climb all the way to their flats to use the washroom. We are considering these needs and will include it in our manifesto. However, such toilets will be open for use to all. As promised by Arvind Kejriwal, our leader, property tax will be waived. There are provisions in MCD through which we can execute this move. This will be a great relief for residents.