NH 24: New underpass, new problems


NH 24: New underpass, new problems

Ever since a U-turn on the highway was closed, share autos resort to driving on the wrong side, giving rise to a major traffic issue.

NH 24: New underpass, new problems

The new underpass connecting Noida Sector 62 and Ghaziabad has created a new challenge in managing traffic on the busy NH 24. After the construction of the new underpass, a crucial U-turn on the highway at Sector 62 was closed to manage traffic better.

The absence of the U-turn, however, posed a major issue for shared public transport in the area. Ever since the U-turn was closed, these vehicles, which begin their trips from Mohan Nagar and approach the Sector 62 intersection via the CISF road in Indirapuram, have to travel a greater distance to return to their point of origin. To avoid the detour, they started to drive on the wrong side of the highway, introducing a new challenge to commuters altogether.

However, residents of the area said these violations were a major threat to traffic, citing a recent accident in which four people lost their lives when an Audi collided with an auto-rickshaw. The incident took place in Indirapuram on January 28.

Yogesh Bhati, a resident of Indirapuram, said traffic problems on the highway never seemed to stop. “While on the one hand, the developments on NH 24 are a boon to residents of the area, traffic-rule violations on the arterial road are a curse for many," said Bhati. "Every time traffic police conquers one problem, another one invariably crops up. Autos driving on the wrong side is a relatively new issue. The drivers are risking both their own lives and that of the passengers."

Speaking to City Spidey, Ishaq Ali, an auto driver who drives his vehicle on the route, said most of the regular auto drivers drove on the wrong side. “The auto drivers do not cross over to the Noida side, as they have to cross a roundabout and take the underpass to get back to the Ghaziabad side,” he added.

City Spidey took up the issue with Rajesh Kumar, SP Traffic of Ghaziabad. Kumar told City Spidey that the traffic department had already deputed traffic personnel at the CISF intersection. However, Kumar assured that the matter would be looked into and the movement of autos and other vehicles would be stopped soon.