Abhiyan Apts, Dwarka: How to persuade DDA to green your neighbourhood

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 12, 2017

Why settle for less? Two residents of Abhiyan Apartments, Sector 12, Dwarka, felt exactly that. A stretch in front of their society had a few trees, but it could certainly do with more plants. So they got DDA to plant saplings in the gaps.

City Spidey visited the area and caught up with Upasana Tyagi and Monica Verma, the two green crusaders.


Green enthusiasts Upasana Tyagi (left) and Monica Verma, from Abhiyan Apartments


Verma said, “We approached DDA some two weeks back and requested them to plant saplings on the stretch — we assured them that we would maintain these plants. The officials came for an inspection, and the rest is history. They said they would water the plants once a week, but for the rest of the days, we would have to pitch in. Let’s hope this area becomes a truly green patch. But, we need regular support from DDA too.”

The society is managing water for the plants now, but during peak summers watering regularly may become a challenge.

Tyagi added, “We will be looking after the plants, but DDA will have to make some permanent watering arrangement eventually. The officials said the horticulture department, too, is facing water shortage.”

The duo knows of another barren stretch at the turn towards Bensups Hospital in Sector 12 — a patch that could do with some greenery. However, DDA has not committed anything, owing to the water scarcity it is facing.

However, deputy director horticulture, DDA, YD Sharma, assured, “The plants will be watered regularly, even in summer.”


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