PHOTO KATHA: Dwarka's burning, and nobody bats an eyelid

A vacant plot in Sector 12, a hotspot for leaf burning
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 14, 2017

Over the past year, one of the issues that City Spidey has consistently been bringing to the fore is that of leaf and garbage burning in Dwarka. Residents have spoken up about it, NGOs have campaigned against it, but the authorities have failed to do anything about it. Not even when the whole of NCR was battling the effects of the deadly smog that encapsulated the region late last year.

So should it be any wonder that Dwarka is still burning its garbage and horticultural waste in the open? 

We bring you these pictures from across the sub-city, even as we struggle to deal with this blatant nonchalance of the authorities.  

Here are some spots in various sectors that residents say are notorious for leaf-burning.


Sector 7: A fire tender is seen controlling the flames from the burning of garbage in the open  


Sector 7: A fire, freshly doused. This vacant plot is one of the routine spots for garbage burning


Sector 5: Can you imagine breathing in this air? 


Sector 14: This image needs no caption  


Sector 14: Charred remains of burnt leaves lie side by side with dry leaves soon to meet the same fate


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