It's been five days that a dog was beaten to death. The murderers are still free

Photo: Guardian.ng
Posted: Apr 14, 2017

After almost a week after a stray dog was mercilessly bludgeoned to death by residents of Shipra Srishti in Indirapuram, animal rights activists from People For Animals (PFA) Ghaziabad have taken to Twitter to demand justice from the UP Chief minister's office. The tweet by Sumathi Iyer, a resident of Aditya Mega City and the managing director of PFA Ghaziabad, reads:

PFA activists had to mount political pressure on the police to file an FIR against three residents of the society. The activists now want justice for the dead animal and the guilty arrested.

"We want to set an example so such an incident is not repeated in any other society," said Pooja Shrivastava, an animal lover from Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad. "Atrocities against stray dogs is increasing by the day, and if the accused are allowed to go scot-free this time, it will only encourage others to carry out more such acts." 

A second tweet by Iyer reads:

The tweets are accompanied by copies of the FIR and the post mortem report of the dog.

On a different page of the same story, the dog was originally taken care of by Medhavi Mishra, a resident of Shipra Krishna Vista, a neighbouring society. Mishra told City Spidey that the incident had left her shattered. "I have been taking care of and feeding Chhoti since she was a pup. The heinous act of the accused should not go unpunished. I felt hurt and angry when I came to know that society residents themselves committed the crime. Under Section 120B of IPC the crime is a non-bailable offence. I have also retweeted Sumedha's tweets," added Mishra.

Anil Kumar Yadav, circle officer of Indirapuram zone, told City Spidey that an investigation was on and that no arrests had been made so far.

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