NCR: The week in tweets
NCR: The week in tweets
Rohit Ranjan
NCR: The week in tweets
Photo: Akash Mishra

NCR: The week in tweets

Hello friends! How have you been? The twitterati it seems have been quite bugged this week. Tweets revolved around school fee hikes and problems being faced by homebuyers. These issues have been the talk of the town for quite sometime, and for good reason. Many homebuyers have put their life savings for a roof over their head but are still awaiting possession. And school fees have been giving parents sleepless nights. Folks, let’s take a look at the buzz this week:






It seems all one can do is hope that help is on its way.


Here’s another call for help.

With residents being arm-twisted like this, it seems builders have a free reign in such matters!

For those of us who missed the event, this resident provides a glimpse.

And we hope the same!


Another cause for concern: Scholarship awarded but where’s the money?


No end to residents’ hassles it seems.


Some comic relief!



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