Planned murder by tenants in posh Indirapuram high rise
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Planned murder by tenants in posh Indirapuram high rise

Residents live in fear after a 27-year-old cloth trader, was shot dead in ATS Haciendas in Indirapuram.

Planned murder by tenants in posh Indirapuram high rise

Indirapuram residents are concerned for their security after a 29-year-old cloth trader was shot dead inside a gated high-rise, ATS Haciendas in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The incident took place at 11.30 pm on Friday night. Five miscreants fired several shots at the victim, Arshi Malik, the moment he came out of his ground-floor flat. The killers had rented a flat on the 22nd floor of tower A in the society a week before the murder. His police-appointed bodyguards were not present at the time of the attack and were suspended from duty.

This incident, in which the killers stayed in the society for over a week as tenants, puts a big question mark on the verification process of tenants residing in a society.

Ashok Kumar, RWA president, ATS Haciendas said, “The RWA is completely helpless in such matters as verification and documentation of the tenants is done by the builder. Maintenance is not yet handed over to RWA."

City Spidey's repeated attempts to get in touch with the society management remained unsuccessful as the ATS Haciendas management was tight-lipped about the matter.

FedAOA President, Alok Kumar expressed his fear about the reoccurrence of such gruesome incidents inside the residential area. "The builder's carelessness is to blame," he said.

“We make sure that every tenant is duly registered and verified. We cannot take chances with security matters," said VS Chauhan, RWA president of Gaur Valerio, Indirapuram.

“The killers have been identified. We have their details. Police is tracing them and will nab them soon," said Gorakh Nath Yadav, SHO, Indirapuram.