Gurgaon, Vipul Greens: Just what makes this society so cool!
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Gurgaon, Vipul Greens: Just what makes this society so cool!

With 97 per cent LED lights, 150 CCTV cameras, a biometric system and seven rainwater harvesting pits, this Sector 48 condominium ticks all the right boxes.

Gurgaon, Vipul Greens: Just what makes this society so cool!

What do you call a condominium that has 97 per cent LED lights, 150 CCTV cameras and a biometric system? The condominium of dreams, of course! And the residents of Vipul Greens in Sector 48, Gurgaon, are excited to be part of it!

The condominium also boasts seven rainwater harvesting pits.

Amit Jindal, RWA president, explained, “We are a ‘zero water-discharge society’. We operate a sewage-treatment plant that has a capacity of 400 kilolitres per day in the complex, and every drop of it is used for in-house horticultural activities. Soon, we’ll be setting up a waste-management plant inside the complex.”

And the clubhouse is also set to have free Wi-Fi soon. “We are excited — we can now download the latest games,” said 12-year-old Nandini Chanana, a young resident.

The security features, too, are far better than the other societies in the vicinity. It is equipped with an IOC system that has e-visitor technology — to maintain visitors' statistics.

To make the society eco-friendly, the RWA has planted about 2,500 saplings in the society. It has a herbal garden too!

“The residents are focusing on power saving and waste management to ensure it becomes an exemplary condominium,” said Naresh Goyal, RWA general secretary.

And the funds? Through outside ads during in-house functions and maintenance fee from residents. 

The society has 24-hour surveillance, which is not manpower-dependent. Rekha Bhargava, a resident, said, “Security guards can’t always be trusted — they are not adequately trained. So we switched to technology, such as CCTVs and biometric controls.”

With RWAs embracing the eco-friendly culture, civic agencies, too, should initiate measures — jointly with residents — to make Gurgaon a cleaner, greener and safer place.