How Greenman plans to continue his campaign even after death

By Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Apr 17, 2017

Vijaypal Baghel, the Ghaziabad based environmentalist, better known as Greenman, has served the society all his life. And for most do-gooders, it ends there. Not for Baghel, though.

In order to spread awareness about the benefits of organ donation, he has donated his body for medical science research and to benefit those in need of an organ transplant.

"This one step solves two problems," said Baghel. "On the one hand, it benefits medical science and patients, while on the other, it benefits the environment by ending the need to burn wood during cremation. Using wood in crematoriums has been a religious norm for long, but in the current scenario, trees are extremely precious. Burning wood in any form will tighten the noose of pollution around our necks."

Baghel further told City Spidey that apart from saving trees, it was also a good feeling to know that his donated organs would help those in need.

Baghel said he had been campaigning for saving trees and had taken the step to commemorate his golden jubilee.

Greenman was among 200 other residents of Ghaziabad who had pledged to donate their bodies and organs in an annual event organised by Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti, a Delhi-based society that facilitated organ donation in the NCR.

Avinash Verma, convenor of the Ghaziabad section of Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti, told City Spidey that it was the fifth event of the Ghaziabad chapter. "We had also partnered with Indian Medical Association [IMA] Ghaziabad," Verma added.

Rajeev Goel, vice-chairman of IMA, told City Spidey that more and more people should come forward and donate their organs. "Apart from benefiting medical students, donations from one body could save as many as eight lives," Goel added.


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Very good thought. Every body should adopt these things.