Sec 40, Gurgaon: MCG responds to complaints, fixes sewage pipe

By Reena Dhankher
Photo: Reena Dhankher
Posted: Apr 18, 2017

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon has rectified a sewage pipe in Sector 40, Gurgaon, which was blocked. The corporation looked into the issue after complaints from residents.

The sewage pipe runs from Golf Course Road to Subhash Chowk. Residents had complained that it was choked and was on the verge of overflowing.

Naina Sharma, a resident of Sector 40, told City Spidey, “We had been facing the issue for quite some time and had reported the matter about 15 days ago. The authority has finally resolved the issue. The drain had begun to stink and sewage had started flowing on a service lane along the main road.”

The MCG began the repair work on the drain last week and it was completed on April 18. According to an official of the contractor, there was a major blockage in the 300 metre-stretch of the pipe.

Kavita Chillar, area councillor, told City Spidey, “This is one of the main drains of the area and even slight blockage can create a mess. We asked them to clean the drain before the monsoons so that the situation doesn’t deteriorate further.”


Work on the sewage pipe in progress

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